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Specialties and Adventure dives

It doesn't matter if the CMAS or PADI organization, there are several ways to educate yourself in diving. Your knowledge and diving skills are not perfect. You can do this in several courses or adventure dives. We can offer you all of them.

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Scuba Quest Specialties and Adventure dives

  • Deep
  • Nitrox\EANx
  • Navigation
  • Leader
  • UW Fotograph
  • more


The deep dive specialty course will give you a lot of adrenaline. Reach depths where you never been before and explore the new underwater world. In this course you get an instructor who shows you the theoretic and practical skills for deep diving. 40 meter will be the maximum depth while recreational diving.


You want to expand you no decompression time, without doing any decompression stop. Then it’s time to switch the gas. Go diving with enriched air (Nitrox) and you will get more bottom time than with normal air. Learn everything about Nitrogen, Oxygen and bottom time. Find out how to read the special Nitrox RDP’s and find the equivalent to the usual RDP.   


While you have to navigate a group, you have a lot of pressure to find the spot you want to go to. Everybody is counting on you, so don’t disappoint them. That’s the only thing in your mind. You want to know how to do the navigation in perfection, so this is the best way to do it. Learn how to navigate a square, triangle, 180 turn or just in one direction in the underwater navigation specialty course.


To lead a group is one of the most important skills while diving. It’s your responsibility to show everybody the most beautiful under water spots and also bring them back safely. Check if everything is O.K., the air of your buddy. This skills you will learn in the specialty cours group leader.


To shoot some photos it’s quite easy, but have you ever tried to take some photos under water? Nice colors, beautiful fish and no particles in the picture. In this course you will learn how to find some good shots, how is the angle to the sun, and important the white balance of your camera. As well how to clean and maintenance the o- rings of the housing. Also if you like you get some tricks of using Photoshop or pinnacle computer program on your images.

Here you can see more specialty courses, where you have the possibility to gain your diving skills and diving knowledge.

- Cave diving
- Wrek diving
- Current diving
- Safe and Rescue
- Fish Identification
- Peak performance buoyancy

If you have any questions or you need some information about the specialty courses, please send us a E-Mail or contact us in our contakt form.

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Underwater Foto's

G12 Cannon

If you want to make you dive unforgettable, we can make pictures of you and your friends under water, as well of the massive population of the tropical fish.

You also can rent the camera included the underwater housing.
Did you already know?

scubapro maske
The diving mask

belongs to the ABC equipment of diving.

The human eyes need an air space to focus. The mask built up this air space between water and eyes. That’s why we can see under water.

The most important thing on a dive mask is, the nose has to be enclosed of the silicone, so you are able to equalize the air space behind it.  

It is also possible to put some corrected lenses in the mask, where the glasses are.

Just to relax and enjoy

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