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Here you can get all the good small memories on Scuba Quest in Kamala.

Smalls things are sometimes important and doing the different.

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  • Ashtray

Go with the flow! We just made new t-shirts with a new print on it! It says Nitrogen Narcosis, which every diver should know what it is.

You can get it in the size L to XL and we have two different colors. Yellow and white are the colors you can choose.

Simple but very nice, our t-shirts with logo. We do have the size S up to XXL in the colors white and black. Just choose your size and the color you like.

Diving and smoking do not fit together, like all the books say. Everybody knows. But we do have a lot of snorkelers who like to smoke a cigarette at some point. And not to throw away the filter, we do have ashtrays with our logo for you.


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Underwater Foto's

G12 Cannon

If you want to get some special memories of your dives, we can do it for you. With our professional camera we take pictures of you and all the nice fish's around you.

Did you already know?

scubapro maske
The mask

It's not earth-shattering news, that you need a mask to see underwater..

Why you need it is that light behaves differently in water than in air, and your eyes focus acording to how light bahaves in air..

That's why water makes everything blurry. The mask creates an air space so your eyes can focus.

Mask enclose your nose, because you have to equalizeduring the desent to prevent mask squeeze.

Just to relax and enjoy

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