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Privater Tauchlehrer

Privater Instructor just for you

You do not understand what the others are talking because you don’t know the language? Or maybe you are a little bit shy?

You are scared about failing? This is not a reason not to dive!

Scuba Quest | Private | Instructor
Scuba Quest Private Instructor

Private Instructor

We offer you the opportunity to enjoy the advantage of a private diving instructor.

You get personally trained the whole time. From the beginning till the end of your holiday you will have one you are always talking to.

You do the course 1:1 I does not matter if CMAS or PADI. So we can do everything individual and perfect suit to you.

If you are diving with family or friends, which are minimum 4 persons,you will get an private divemaster or instructor.

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You can rent me

Diving Computer

You do not have your own diving computer! It doesn’t matter, be safe at every dive.

If you want you can rent a dive computer daily to be always up to date while your dive. Price per day is 300 THB.

Did you already know?

Why is it more difficult to breath upside down?

As long the lungs are on the same depth as the mouth, it’s easy to breath under water.

But if you are upside down in the water, your regulator is around 20 cm deeper than your lungs.

You have to compensate the pressure through heavy inhaling through the regulator.

That’s why it feels more difficult to breath upside down in the water.


Just to relax and enjoy

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