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(Professional Association of Diving Instructors)

The wish to explore the big ocean produced many methods for the diving. One of them is our latest diving equipment. BCD’s, regulator, masks and fins. At first it feels uncomfortable to breath underwater, but if you get used to it, it's easy and totally different to anything else you did before.

After the fear disappeared, you will totally enjoy the underwater world with all the different sometimes funny creatures. There are so many new things to explore, you will not get enough of it.

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Scuba Quest PADI Courses

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Ausbildung Padi Bubblemaker

It’s a Special course for kids in the age of 8 years. The “Bubblemaker” course is perfect to start with the dive hobby, its fun and also adventure. You child will be together with a professional children instructor the whole time while the course. You get lessons in using the equipment and also in doing some skills under water. After you finish the course, you will get a logbook and a disk with pictures from under water. One part of the parents has to be next to the pool, beach or on the boat while the course is running.

Ausbildung discover scuba diver

It’s a little introduction in diving, where you will get a professional dive instructor or divemaster. You will learn the most important skills and rules while diving, as well how to handle the dive equipment and communication under water. After the briefing you and your instructor are doing 2 dives in the ocean. You get a little certification and a logbook if you like. The maximum depth is 12 meter.  

ausbidlung scuba diver padi

In only 2 day’s you are a PADI Scuba Diver. On the first day you will learn the most important rules and skills for diving. You get a lot of information in the diving theory as well how to set up your equipment properly. 2 dives with a professional PADI instructor follow on the second day. With this certification you are able to go for diving everywhere in the world in company with an instructor. In between one year you are able to finish your Open Water Diver level. You have to be at least 10 years old. 

ausbildung padi open water diver

The PADI Open Water Diver course is the most common course and also necessary if you want to continue your diving career. Here you get teached to know all the diving equipment, as well what’s going on in your body while diving, how to react in different situations and environmental things. With this certification you are able to go diving worldwide with anybody with at least the same certification. The minimum age is 10 years (Junior Open Water Diver) which become with age of 15 automatically to a Open Water Diver.

aowd ausbildung padi

In only 2 days, 3 dives your choice and two which you have to do, as well theory lessons you are a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver. In this course you can choose between different kinds of special dives. You have to do Deep diving and Navigation! After this you can choose between several dives like:
- Underwater Naturalist, - Wreck diving, - Underwater Fotographie, - Drift- or Nightdiving and so on!

ausbildung rescue diver padi

In between 2 to 3 days you get certified to a recue diver. In this course you learn how to safe and rescue other people with any dive or none dive accidents in theory and practice lessons. You have to be already an Advanced Open Water Diver as well have the knowledge of CPR, Medic First Aid procedure. 20 dives is a must before you start the Rescue Course. If you do not have the Medic First Aid Course, you can do it here as well.

refresh ausbildung

You haven't dived since a year or more! You don't really remember how to do everything? No Problem, we can do a little Scuba Refresh Course which shows you all the important skills again. You will take of the mask and find back the regulator. As well we doing the Finn Pivoting for a good bouyancy again.

ausbildung Divemaster padi

If you want to continue in diving, for example Instructor Assistant or Instructor 1* to 3*** Star, please send us an E-Mail and we will send you all details.

As well we do have a job offering for 2 to 4 people every highseason. You will get your education till divemaster or CMAS 3 *** Star Diver..


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Did you already know?

ABCD of the Medic First Aid
abc erstversorgung

The Medical First Aid is the most important thing you can do, if you are coming to an accident to help other people.

In this case we take the first four letters from the ABCD to remind it easily.

What to expect

Trigger Fish
The Trigger Fish

The triggerfish get their name from their elongated dorsal fin, which has a sharp similar to a gun's trigger.

Part of the leatherjacket family, these fish have ovalish or diamond shaped bodies.

Common triggerfish include Queen, Black Durgon, Ocean, Triton, Clown and Picasso triggerfish.

Just to relax and enjoy

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