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Khao Sok Nationalpark

Khao Sok National Park

The Khao Sok National Park belongs to one of the most popular National Parks of Thailand. Because of its majesty landscape and its biological amount of animals it got also the name "Gui-Lin" of Thailand. Gui-Lin is a similar National Park in China.

The Park itself is separated in two parts. One is the part with the fresh water lake and the other one the jungle area. The area itself is 738,74 square meter big.  

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Scuba Quest Khao Sok National Park

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Khao Sok Nationalpark

In the Park we have a lot of rock formations. The highest point above sea level is 960 meter. The best time to visit the Park is between December and April. In the Low- season maybe you get a lot of rain especially up there. The Park itself is very quiet of tourists, perfect to relax and enjoy other things of the life.

Khao Sok Nationalpark

A specialty is the „Big Flower“. The diameter of the flower is about 1 meter and she is quite rare. As well the Park is a home for many other creatures like wild dogs, monkeys, gibbons, and much kind of birds. Also snakes, poison or not.

Khao Sok Nationalpark

There are many kinds of accommodation, if Hotel, Bungalow or Tree house, something for everybody. The most interesting and popular way is sleeping on floating bungalows. Relax and enjoy Thailand from another way. For sure you have lake view from every room. Also you have many choices to do some activities, elephant trekking, jungle tour, tubing, cave trekking and much more. But also you can just enjoy the beautiful view of the Park.

Khao Sok NAtionalpark

Diving in the fresh water lake is also possible. All the dives are wall dives, usually the visibility is between 5 and 10 meter and torches are a must. But if you are down there, you just enjoy the other world. This is just recommended for experienced divers which already dived in fresh water lakes. If you plan to do some dives, you need minmum 2 days, as well you have to book in advance.

If you are intrested, please send us a E-Mail.

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The Anemone- Porcelan crab is white with smal red dots on it.The crab is always at the same place. He is living between the tentacles of the anemone. With his shovels in front of his face he is able to catch plankton to eat.
Did you already know?

BCD Tarrierweste
BCD - Buoyancy Control Device

We use the BCD to get different kinds of buoyancy in the water.

We do have three get different kinds of buoyancy:

1. Positive Buoyancy (we use it to safe energy on the surface)

2. Negative Buoyancy (we use it to decent )

3. Neutreal Buoyancy (we use it to be stabile under water and not to damage any marine life under water )
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