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Kamala Beach Sunset

Kamala was a small fisher village few years ago, located on a 3 km long beach with a slow sloping reef. A few longtail boats still remember on the quiet time.

Now a days the boats are only sometimes used for fishing, most of the time they going out with divers or snorkeler to the local island Koh Wao just 30 minutes away.

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Scuba Quest Kamala

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Kamala Beach View Point

The high season starts in October until April. Then the wind is coming from the mainland to the open sea. Flat sea, no clouds and only sometimes a little bit rain. Middle of Mai we already have the beginning of the low season. But anyway still 25°C – 30°C and only sometimes rain.

Kamala Beach

Even with some construction areas, kamala is still a paradise for families or backpackers. Who is looking for the big party’s has to go to Patong which is just 10 minutes ride with the TUK TUK. There are still people who return every year to Kamala, but also more cultures come to visit the Village. You can separate Kamala into North, Middle and a South part.

Kamala Beach beach Road

The whole area is now built up for tourists, more than in the North of Thailand. On the Beach Road you will find everything, Our Diving Center Scuba Quest, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, and Tailors. As well Car and Bikes for rent, Internet cafes and Souvenir shops.

Kamala Beach Tsunami Park

After the Tsunami in 2004 a lot changed in Kamala. Everything becomes more modern and more beautiful. They built up a new park with a small playground, plenty of seats to relax and memorials for the dead people while the Tsunami. Now a day’s Kamala got also a few big Hotels, as well small Bungalows or Apartments.

Kamala Beach Lokaler Markt

Even if you can’t do that much shopping in Kamala, we have 3 times a week local market. There you are able to buy local food like meat, fish, fruits, T-Shirts, flowers and much much more.


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Big Fish

Trigger Fish

Barracuda are long, cylindrial and silver with faint markings. They have large mouths with visible sharp teeth. Large barracuda tend to travel alone, but smaller species may gather in schools. Common types include Great, Chevron and Pacific barracuda. They are often some of the largest fish you see under water.
Did you already know?

Die Lunge

During a dive, the increased pressure causes nitrogen from the air you breath to disolve into your body tissues. How much nitrogen you absorb this way depends primarily on how deep you dive and how long. The deeper you dive and how longer you stay, the more excess nitrogen your body absorbs.

When you ascend, the pressure surrounding you decreases and the excess nitrogen can't stay dissolved in your body, so it becomes to solution. Your body dosen't use nitrogen, so what goes into solution must come back out and leave your body.
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