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Ausbildung CMAS PADI

Education for work

Every year we offer 2 to 4 spaces, where you can become a PADI Divemaster or CMAS 3*** for working for us. We are looking for enthusiastic people who love diving not only like their hobby. People who want to take a time out from the usual day and maybe somebody who wants to run a diving school in the future by himself.

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Education for work is the best way to find out, if the diving business fits to you or not. It's more then only diving, looking for fish, or talk about the last dives with your buddy's. Here you will be in the business of diving right away, you start to talk to people, get used to other nationalities, service the equipment, rinsing equipment and also give flyer to the guests for some introduction dives in the pool.

Ausbildung Theorie Tauchen
On the beginning of October the high season in Phuket starts. This means we are looking for some people who like to help us out and become a PADI divemaster or CMAS 3 star diver. It will take around 3 month, if you already a diver with some experience, you can make it shorter. If you think that this offer is something for you, please send us an e- mail and we will send you all the other details right away.


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Discover Scuba Diver

Dicover Scuba Diving Kamala
It’s a little introduction in diving, where you will get a professional dive instructor or divemaster. You will learn the most important skills and rules while diving, as well how to handle the dive equipment and communication under water.

Did you already know?

Diving Computer

With a diving computer you get every 30 seconds a update of your dive depth and dive time and actual bottom time.

Because of a detailed diving profile it is possible to calculate the rest of you dive and the assent phase.

The diving plan of the decompression is usually shorter with the computer than the plan with the RDP.

Only if you are diving a usual diving profile like the RDP say, you should have the same limits in the computer like with the RDP.

Just to relax and enjoy

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