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The equipment is one of the most important things while diving. Good maintenance equipment gives you a safe dive from the beginning on. If you are in a good diving school, you will already see on the equipment.  

The highest priority of a diving school is, to provide always good diving equipment, or at least spare equipment to change. Regulator or BCD’s as well compressor and diving cylinder belongs to the equipment.

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Scuba Quest Equipment

We have a separate compressor and equipment house, with a place to wash and dry everything. Only the staff from the diving school got entrance to the house. Inside we have BCD’s, Regulator, Wetsuits, Cylinder and everything else for diving and snorkeling.

Our compressor from BAUER with Air Bank provides always fresh and clean air for every dive. We have 45 x 12 liter tanks and 10 8 liter tanks.

The regulator allows you to breath under water. This part of the equipment provides you always the ambient pressure to breath easy, doesn’t matter in which depth. 25 regulators from Scuba Pro and Aqualung which get checked every year we do have for rent for our customers. The first stage got a INT valve (Joke) but also we have DIN- Adapter in the shop.

We use BCD’s (Buoyancy Control Device) to change our depth level while diving. We can make positive-, negative-, or neutral buoyancy. The sizes of our BCD’s starts from junior up to XXL jackets. The brands are SeaQuest and Scuba Pro.

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Always fresh Air

Bauer Mariner Tauchkompresor

With our Bauer Mariner diving compressor, we always provide fresh, clean air for all of your dives.

The policy of our shop is to service the equipment from professional staff.

Did you already know?

Scuba Diving
The regulator for scuba diving

We do have it, that we are able to breath underwater. This could be normal air or a gas mix.

In the english language we call it usually SCUBA, which means

S - Self
C - Contained
U - Underwater
B - Breathing
A - Apperatus

Just to relax and enjoy

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