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Tauchsafari Similan Island

Dive safaris to the Similan/Surin Islands and Hin Daeng/Hin Muang in Thailand as well the Mergui Archipel in Burma are the highlights of diving around Phuket.

These are still one of the top 10 dive places of the world, everything what keeps the hear trate of an diver on the top. The Safaris are planned to visit from 1 to 10 days, depends on the route and dive sites you choose.

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Scuba Quest Diving Safari

Longtailboot Kamala Beach
The pickup time will be around 7am from your hotel. The transfer with the minibus to Tap Lamu, which is up north, takes around 1h 10 min. There you go with the speedboat in between another hour to the big boats even to the Similans or Koh Bon. The boat itself is a floating hotel which stays the whole high season of shore. You sleep on the boat as well. This kind of trip you can also do as a daytrip, even to Similans or Koh Bon. If you want to visit Koh Tachai or Richelieu Rick you have to plan 3 days 2 nights on the boat.

Longtailboot Kamala Beach
We have also pure live aboard boats which are going out in the night time on your first day. They will start in the south of Phuket in Chalong. Usually they are sailing up to the Similans or down to Hin Daeng/Hin Muang. As well Phi Phi Island is an offer for multiple daytrips. For these trips you have to spend at least 2 days one night for Phi Phi, or 3 days 2 nights for Hin Daeng, Hin Muang and Koh Ha.


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Bubblemaker for Kids

Bubblemaker Ausbildung

It’s a Special course for kids in the age of 8 years. The “Bubblemaker” course is perfect to start with the dive hobby, its fun and also adventure.

Diveplaces Daytrips

  • Similan Island
  • Koh Bon
  • Koh Tachai
  • Richeliue Rock

Koh Wao Kamala

Around 90 kilometer away from the main land, are the Similan Islands. The Islands are 9 different Islands which are located from South to North. Since 1982 these Islands belongs to the Similan Island National Park. The Island are made of Granit, covered in tropical vegetation. Crab eating monkeys and tropic birds are seen very often.
The beautiful and mostly lonely beaches are not the only attraction of the island. The best and most interesting things you will find under water. Canyons, rocks, caves, swim trough, these are the real things you have to see. Diving on Elephant heat, Christmas Tree Point, Boulder City and Shark Fin Reef are breathtaking Dive places.

similan island tauchsafari

Koh Bon is the last island up north of the Similan Island National Park.  The shape of Koh Bon is totally different to the Similan Island. Koh Bon is made of  volcano rocks,  it looks exactly the same under water as on the surface. The Island is very famous for its manta ray cleaning station. Every year between January and March you will have a good chance to visit them there. The majesty rays are there to eat the plankton which is quite a lot there in this time. The temperature of the water in this time is also a bit colder than usual. We only have 25 degrees. It’s perfect for the big fish like sharks as well. Usually we are going 2 times a week to Koh Bon, Wednesday and Sunday.  To visit Koh Bon is also possible in a more day combination.

koh tachai tauchsafari

The plateau of Koh Tachai is separated in 3 different dive places. All 3 got different depths and also different structures under water. The deeper area is very famous for its two pinnacles which are surrounded of rocks which builds many swim troughs. The depths are around 25 meter to 30 meter.
The second part is already sallower, and mostly covered in corals. There you can spot lots of Batfish which get cleaned from little cleaner fish. Gorgonian sea fans are there as well small garden of anemones. The third part is the shallowest wit around 12 meter average. There are many lion fish, sweet lips and barracudas.

Richelieu Rock Thailand Phuket

Richelieu Rock is a dive place in the middle of the ocean. It is together with the Surin Islands the most northern dive place of Thailand. Everything further belongs already to the Burma Banks. Richelieu is a Rock which is sticking out from the water if you have low tide. The Rock is covered in soft corals, and plenty of small stuff is hiding inside. Nude branch, seahorse and ghost pipe fish are very common . sometimes harlequin shrimp as well. Often only there you have the chance to spot big rare fish like the wale shark, or manta rays. That’s also why this dive place is very famous worldwide. If you are doing underwater photography, it’s a must to visit Richelieu Rock.

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