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Tagestrip Phuket Chalong

Day Trips

Your day starts in the morning 7am at your hotel. You will get picked up with a minibus, which brings you down to Chalong in the south of Phuket where the pier is. The bus ride will be around 1 hour till we get there. On the pier we will go on a big diving boat, which takes us to the dive places. You will be back at your hotel between 4 pm and 8 pm, its depends what kind of trip you are booked.

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Scuba Quest Day Trips

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After you arrive on the daytrip boat you will become a small breakfast which is coffee and little sandwiches. On the way to the dive place you will get a briefing about the dive place and how everything works in the group and under water. Hand signals, safety procedure, what you will see under water and so on. It depends also on the dive place you go which skills you need, we have places for Discover Scuba Diver up to Advanced Divers.

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Usually we have lunch between the first and the second dive, it will be served in a buffet style. Fish, beef, pork or chicken, as well some vegetarian food if you like. Soft drinks like coke, sprite, or fanta and water is included in the price. Also on the way back you can have some beer which is not incl. in the tour price.


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Underwater World

Blue Spotted Sting Ray

The bluespotted stingray can be max. 50 cm long. He is little known, but apparently common, often close inshore. He is single on sand and can move into shallow water at high tide.

Possibility to migratory. Eats grabs and shrimps. Difficult to approach.
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Koh Racha Yai

Racha Yai is  a good local dive place which is not too far away from Phuket. Around 1.5 hours with the big diving boat. The visibility under water is most of the time between 15 and 20 meter. East of Racha Yai you will find three small bays which are famous for its clear water and protected from current and big waves as well. Also the Bungalow Bay is very pretty to dive as well. All the reef’s are sloping reef’s which starts from 1.5 meter till 30 meter plus. As well plenty of fish everywhere. Even if you are lucky, you will spot some Manta Rays in the distance. Racha Yai is perfect for Beginners, but also for experienced divers with a wreck in the deeper area. Artificial Reefs which are build of concrete cubes are already grown with corals.

Racha Noi Phuket

You can reach Racha Noi from the Chalong pier in round about 2.5 hours with the big boat. The Island is located in the South of Phuket underneath of Koh Racha Yai. Racha Noi is very similar to Racha Yai, not only on the surface, as well underwater. With a lot of sand and hard corals its perfect for every beginner which already been to Racha Yai.
The South Platou (South Tip) is totally in the south of the Island. You have to be a experienced diver to go there. The dive place itself starts at 18 meter and slopes down 40 meter plus. The average depth is around 24 meter. Lots of current, sometimes bad visibility is also possible. Manta Rays, sharks and sometimes Wale sharks are seen. Some people might say it’s like the Similan Islands.

King Cruiser Wreck

The King Cruiser wreck is a 85 meter long vehicle, was used to be a passenger ferry from Phuket to Phi Phi Island. The boat sunk on the 4th of Mai 1997 after it run of the Anemone reef. The deepest part of the wreck is 32 meter, the shallowest is the wheelhouse with 16 meter. It's a beautiful wreck with its swim through and massive amount of fish.

A real penetration of the wreck is not possible because it is unstable after the long time being under water. But we do have a lot of swim through.

Shark Point Phuket Hin Musang

Shark Point is the most famous dive side on Phuket and belongs to an Marine National Park. A dive place totally covered in soft corals and a bunch of hard corals. There are so many different kinds of fish, it doesn’t matter where you look, everywhere you find something interesting.

The name itself it got from the resident living leopard sharks, which you can find sleeping in the daytime on the sand bottom. As well we do have seahorse and ghost pipe fish which are really rear in this time.

Koh Dok Mai Phuket

Koh Doc Mai is a little Island which is just sticking out from the water. The dive place is a wall dive, sometimes a drift dive. It always depends on the current. The maximum depth is 24 meter, deeper you just have sand bottom anymore.

The dive side is very popular for its macro thing. lots of nude branch, seahorse and ghost pipe fish. A paradise for everybody, who likes to do underwater pictures.

Phi Phi Island Thailand

The Phi Phi Island are one of the most spectacular Island of Thailand. The breathtaking shape is raising the beat of every diver's heart. Every rock is another Kodac moment. That is also the reason why the popular movie “The Beach” with Leonardo Di Caprio was made there. For diving the most popular site is still Koh Bida Nok and Koh Bida Nai which is a bit outside the Main Island. There we have sea horses, nude branch, turtles and sharks.

Usually we are going to dive on the 2 little islands on the right hand side of Phi Phi. Their names are Koh Bida NoK and Koh Bida Nai.

Similan Island Thailand

Around 90 kilometer away from the main land, are the Similan Islands. The Islands are 9 different Islands which are located from South to North. Since 1982 these Islands belongs to the Similan Island National Park. The Island are made of Granit, covered in tropical vegetation. Crab eating monkeys and tropic birds are seen very often.
The beautiful and mostly lonely beaches are not the only attraction of the island. The best and most interesting things you will find under water. Canyons, rocks, caves, swim trough, these are the real things you have to see. Diving on Elephant heat, Christmas Tree Point, Boulder City and Shark Fin Reef are breathtaking dive places.

Just to relax and enjoy

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