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(Confederation Mondiale des Activites Subaquatiques)

The wish to explore the big ocean produced many methods for the diving. One of them is our latest diving equipment. BCD’s, regulator, masks and fins. At first it feels uncomfortable to breath underwater, but if you get used to it, it's easy and totally different to anything else you did before.

After the fear disappeared, you will totally enjoy the underwater world with all the different sometimes funny creatures. There are so many new things to explore, you will not get enough of it.

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Scuba Quest Courses CMAS

  • CMAS 1* Star
  • Spezialties
  • CMAS 2** Star
  • Spezialties
  • CMAS 3*** Star
  • other

CMAS Delfin junior

The Junior program starts for kids between 8 and 10 years. There they will learn how to use the ABC equipment, as well the dive equipment in confined water in the ocean. They will also get used to the environment on the water and underwater world.

cmas 1 stern Ausbildung

The CMAS* Bronze course is the start of your diving career and also unenviable if you want to continue with the levels. Here you will get used to all the equipment, how to setup and use it safety underwater. As well you get lessons in the theoretic stuff which is also important to understand. With this certification you can join almost every diving trips around the world. You have to be at least 14 years old and also you need a medical statement from a diving doctor.

Spezialkurs CMAS

These specialties you have to get while your CMAS 1 star to continue the next level CMAS 2 star. There we have:

- Underwater navigation
- Team leader
- Medic First Aid

cmas Ausbildung 2 stern

In between 5 days incl. 5 dives, practical pool and also theory lessons, you will become a CMAS 2 star diver. You get further into the things which happens with your buddy underwater while diving, also how to rescue and safe somebody else. You have to be 16 years old, at least 25 logged dives and a medical statement from a diving doctor not older than one year. Also the specialties after CMAS 1 star diver.

cmas Specialties

These specialties you have to get while your CMAS 2 star to continue the next level CMAS 3 star. There we have:

- Current diver
- Save and Rescue
- Fish identification

cmas ausbildung 3 stern

In the CMAS 3 star gold course you get lessons in group leading, how to provide problems and how to react if something happens. This is the first step to be a professional diver in the diving branch. You have to be minimum 18 years old, already be a CMAS 2 star diver and 65 logged dives in your logbook. 10 of the dives has to be deeper than 30 meters. As well you need the specialties, current diver, save and rescue, and fish identification.

cmas ausbildung Instructor

If you want to continue in diving, for example Instructor Assistant or Instructor 1 to 3 star, please send us a E-Mail and we will send you all details.

As well we do have a job offering for 2 to 4 people every highseason. You will get your education till divemaster or CMAS 3 star.


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Did you already know?

Dicover Scuba Diving Kamala

The air we use for breathing under water is made of different gases. Actually it is the same air we breathe on the surface.

If you compare to the air we breathe in, the  air we breathe out do have 17% O2 and 4% CO2.
What to expect

Ghost Pipe Fish

The Ghost pipe fish belongs to the very small family of the tropical fish, we only know 5 different kinds of it at the moment. They are similar and very close to the family of sea needles and sea horses, but have bigger fins.

Another different, the female incubate the eggs in a sack which is formed of the fins in front of their stomach. Not the same as you see with the sea needles or sea horses. As well we think, the male can turn into female. You can find them in a depth of 1 to 25 meters.

Just to relax and enjoy

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